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Ever since our current publisher for Tower Quest decided not to continue with the “global release”, I’ve been gone to take a break.

My trip to Sumatra, Indonesia was a good start. I’m really glad that my aunt was kind enough to sponsor my siblings and I for such an eye-opening experience. Thank you 叔母, we love you very much!

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Standing and spending 2 days on top of an active volcano was a phenomenal experience. The views were breathtaking and no amount of words could I ever describe how beautiful it was; you just have to see for yourself. Some of my pictures did made my friends think they were from the Alps though.

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The best times always felt short; and this trip did feel like this way. It was quite a waste I did not spend much time thinking about life on the isle of Samosir, but that was because it was really fun to spend time with my siblings and my beloved aunt. And did I mention she was the bravest among all of us? We young folks are getting outmatched… It was quite embarrassing for us to be honest (we’re all cowards, it couldn’t be helped D: ).

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It’s only until lately, all my thoughts gathered and dispersed everywhere, all at once, while I was in the small dark room of mine in Kuala Lumpur.

Been job hunting, getting burnout on games, scrolling my phone. The last one gave me an ick.

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