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A photo taken in Lake Toba

2023 was pretty tough. The release of Tower Quest was a proud moment, but the financial aftermath was not something easy. Getting a stable job fixed that. I feel like my personal finance “restarted”, and will take a while to get where I actually feel secure. I emphasized on the word “routine” a lot this year, because I didn’t really have one until I got a stable job.

I ate a lot as usual. Went to a few more concerts than I planned to. These were coping mechanisms I feel. Going out for trips helped. Indonesia was a lot better than I expected, but resting at home was also very content.

I thought a lot about how the internet and social media has changed. I thought a lot about how dating has changed.

I bought Fujifilm cameras on an attempt to “revive” photography. Haven’t gotten the feeling of satisfaction and content through photography in a while. I feel like my creative output is limited, and there’s a lot that I’d like to express but couldn’t.

Japanese learning was gradual.

Gaming slowed down, mostly playing Genshin Impact.

I don’t plan to plan about 2024 in 2023. So let’s talk about 2024, in 2024?

Happy New Year. :)

TLDR: Financial insecurity almost broke me (both literally and not), food and concerts were my coping mechanisms.

The timeline, in non-existent Malaysian seasons:


  • Started the year with a blonde hair
  • and an almost empty wallet
  • Tower Quest was released on January 18th for Android
  • Xiao Long Kan was amazing
  • Tower Quest was making about 1K$ about 3 weeks after released
  • wallet happy for a while
  • Signed a contract with a US based publisher for Tower Quest
  • rén by Dragon-i was amazing
  • bought my first Macbook Air M1


  • Tower Quest was released on April 29th for iOS
  • Broke down from too much stress, needed a break, took that break
  • Went to Planter Chin, owner said gonna take a break from August onwards, I could relate
  • Paolo Paolo Gelato was amazing
  • Started the weekly hiking plans
  • Shishido Ramen has always been amazing
  • Decajoins was amazing
  • Camping was… tiring
  • Selling stuffs was satisfying
  • (but being poor was not)
  • Micro Lego was fun
  • Board games were fun
  • Natural black hair was the new black
  • Restarted my piano playing career
  • Fell in love with William in Hani Eatery
  • Sunset Rollercoaster was amazing


  • Friends getting married makes me feel old
  • Still hiking, started this website
  • Contract with publisher ended, Tower Quest gone inactive
  • Started job seeking
  • North Sumatra was amazing
  • Merdeka Parade was wayyyyyyy too crowded (+ Malaysians could actually walk 8km)
  • but the Milo from the Milo truck was invaluable
  • Getting a job this year was hard


  • I tried my best, but home cooking would perhaps be something after retirement
  • No Party for Caodong was amazing (having no pictures of them was also amazing)
  • JLPT N5? Mixed feelings
  • Bought two Fujifilm cameras at once
  • Coldplay was fucking amazing
  • A trip to US is expensive af
  • Eating out with colleagues were shockingly uncomplicated
  • Gym planning is still a WIP (a tough one)
  • Company dinner was shockingly under-budgeted
  • Enoshima was amazing
  • Moving an entire warehouse was not for the faint of heart
  • Adding another member to the Christmas Party was shockingly easy

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